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Posted on March 27th, 2015 by

Storage spaceFour Simple Ways to Maximise Space in Your Home

Whether you live in a spacious mansion or underneath your in-laws staircase, there never seems to be enough space in your life. If you’re looking to maximise the space in your home, then follow these 4 simple storage solutions that can increase the space at your place, and give it that new home feeling!

Get rid of all non-essential items

Whether you’re a hoarder or a diplomatic junk thrower, we all have certain items that we use a couple of times a year then leave in the cupboard for the rest of it. Whether it’s the surfboard in summer or the outdoor gas heater in winter, not all items need to be within immediate reach at all times. Look to store these items away in places such as garages, sheds or in the attic – all are great storage solutions. For those items that just need to go for good – give our good friends at 1800-Got-Junk? a call. They will come straight to your door and remove your unwanted items for you, as well as clean up the mess afterward – no need to lift a finger!

Purchase items that have more than one function

These days, innovative and user friendly furniture manufactures like IKEA design furniture that has more than one purpose. Why not invest in a footrest which doubles up as a storage cabinet to store away those thousands of DVD’s and magazines?

Stack Upwards

The less floor space a room has, the smaller it feels and the more cramped your life becomes. Instead of looking outwards for storage solutions, look upwards. Not only can you get a number of excellent storage units that make the most of ceiling space, but storage boxes can now be a part of the natural surroundings thanks to the variety of choice on offer. Check some of these storage boxes out for inspiration.

Change your cleaning habits

Regular clean outs may seem like the worst option of all but the equation is simple – less items to store equals more space for activities! You’d be surprised by what can be achieved just by decluttering around the house once a month.


For all those items you just can’t seem to throw away, why not look at donating anything that is in good nick to your local charity shop and help others as you clean. On the other hand, you could consider storing your extra items with mobistorage with a multitude of storage options to suit your storage needs.

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