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When the decision is made to renovate your home, most people decide that the easiest option is to move out. For the people that decide to stay, the issue of “what to do with our possessions?” arises and can often be the source of many unneeded headaches.

A way to avoid unneeded stress is to plan well ahead. The time to start assessing your storage options is when you start sourcing quotes from potential builders. Not factoring this into your renovation budget could be the expense that sends you over the edge in an already stressful situation. One mantra we follow at mobistorage is “PPPPP” – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”.

The first step is to work out what packing materials will be required while you store your items. One of the best options is clear plastic-lidded crates. They are not only one of the cheapest options around, but also durable, stackable and recyclable for future renovations when you decide to put that second storey on your house. Plastic storage containers can be purchased online from retailers such as Bunnings or Officeworks.

To ensure you don’t lose track of what is going where, ensure you label and number each crate as well as keep a record on your computer for ease of reference. An alternative for heavier and bulkier items is cardboard boxes. When booking your mobistorage unit just notify our friendly staff who can arrange to have cardboard boxes delivered inside your mobistorage unit.

Once you have sorted out your packing supplies, there are four options to choose from with regards to the storage of your possessions:

Storing your possessions in your own home

If you have additional storage space in your home, ask your builder to see if any of the un-renovated areas can be made secure, waterproof and dust-free to house your bigger items. This can be a quick fix solution, however it can lead to potential damage from the elements and the renovation work. Ensure you check the wording of your home and contents insurance policy as well as the contract you have with your builder.

Storing your possessions at a friend or family members home

This can be one of the cheapest options available to you whilst renovating your home. Check with your friends and family to see if they have a vacant garage, shed or spare room. You will be surprised at the amount of unused space some people utilise in their homes. However be mindful that you will need to set aside time and resources to transport the items from your home to your friends or family’s homes, which may require the use of truck or trailer.

On-site mobile self-storage

The most convenient option available to you is to speak to us at mobistorage. We can deliver a portable storage container right to your front door with 3 different sized options to suit your storage needs. This takes away the need to lean on your friends and family and ensures your goods will be secure and accessible to you when ever you may need them! Alternatively we can pick up your mobistorage container and store it at our secure storage facility. Once the renovation is complete, we can re-deliver your container at a time of your convenience. No need to spend more money hiring a trailer, ute or truck – how good is that!

Self-storage at a storage facility

The final option is to store your goods at a traditional self-storage facility. Storage facilities are a safe and secure place to store your possessions. Most traditional self storage companies offer a range of different sized units to suit your needs. At mobistorage we offer 3 different sized mobile units which we can drop at your house for you to load;

  • Small (17m³) – 2.4m(W) x 3.0m(L) x 2.3m(H)
  • Medium (27.2m³) – 2.4m(W) x 4.9m(L) x 2.3m(H)
  • Large (32.7m³) – 2.4m(W) x 5.9m(L) x 2.3m(H)

Why bother hiring a truck or trailer when we can deliver your storage container right to your front door for you! Once you’ve had time to pack we will come back and collect the storage unit and store it at our secure storage facility.

We cannot emphasise the importance of planning ahead when you renovate your home. The earlier you organise your storage requirements to suit your needs; whether at a friends place, at a traditional self storage yard or with on-site mobile storage, the less stress you place on yourself and your home. To assist you with your storage options, give one of our friendly staff a call today on 1300 914 706 or submit an enquiry here and have a stress-free home renovation!

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