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Posted on May 28th, 2015 by

Moving House Checklist – Article #5

Ok, so it’s finally move day – these are the things you should be thinking about doing;

Moving Day

  • Transport all perishable food items in an esky.
  • If renting, arrange for key collection. Also ensure if you have moved out of a rental, to return all keys to the property manager to ensure no additional rent is charged to you.
  • Collect all car and house keys, ensure gas and electricity meters have been read and the telephone and internet is disconnected.
  • If you are storing any additional possessions with mobistorage or you are moving overseas or interstate, remember to note what is going into storage.Cheap Perth Storage
  • Continue to check the house for any forgotten items as you are loading your mobistorage unit.
  • Check tops of cupboards.
  • Turn off all power.
  • Lock the house, remember to leave keys as specified.

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