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Posted on August 14th, 2015 by

Event Storage

For the average punter, Summer couldn’t come quick enough. The long, hot Summer nights make an ideal time to put on the dancing shoes, throw back a couple of WA’s finest wines and ales and have a night out on the town. For those involved in the events management industry, the busy season is looming and effective planning needs to be in place to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

With a multitude of music festivals, food & wine festivals and art festivals on offer the people of Perth will be out in force, so the question begs, “How can I make my event stand out from the rest?”

Any paying customer that goes to an event wants four things;

  1. Small lines.
  2. A wide range of well-priced food and drink.
  3. Great atmosphere.
  4. A well run event with a lot of staff on hand to cater to their needs.

What people don’t know is the amount of time, planning, stress and tears that go into ensuring these events go off without a hitch.

This is where mobistorage can help to make your event, a stress free event. We can deliver a mobistorage container unit to you when it’s most convenient – whether that be a day, a week or a month before the event starts. By having your event equipment and materials packed before the event, there is no double handling. Then afterwards we can deliver your container directly to your event site, ensuring less time is spent on heavy lifting, and more time spent on making your event one that stands out from the rest. And because the storage containers are made of heavy duty steel, you can have peace of mind knowing your equipment and materials will be safe and secure before, during and after your event.

To find out how mobistorage can help make your event one to remember, call 1300 914 706 or request a quote today.

Event Storage

Event Storage

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