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Posted on June 7th, 2017 by

4 Things To Consider When Packing Up to Travel around Australia



Are you about to hitch up the caravan or fill up the campervan and go on an adventure or “lap of OZ” as it’s often called. The weather now in winter is at it’s most beautiful in the North West and top end of Australia and it is the perfect time to head off and escape the colder weather in Perth and chase the sun. Whether it is your first trek or you are a seasoned traveler on the open road, the challenge of packing up and getting ready to go always requires a bit of planning.


So many things will need to be considered before you start your travels and it’s helpful to put together a checklist and timeline for your trip, so that nothing important gets missed.


If you are planning to travel for an extended period for several months or perhaps even a year or two, there are important decisions to consider about your home before you pack up and head off. As your home and belongings are some of your biggest assets, it’s important to come up with a plan that gives you peace of mind while you are away and suits your needs.


Here’s four major things you might need to consider when planning your extended holiday:



  1. What to do with your house?


When deciding to pack up and leave, there are several options you can consider re your house whilst you are away for an extended period of time.


  1. Do you lock up and get family or friends to keep an eye on your house and garden?
  2. Do you get a house sitter to occupy it and look after gardens and pets?
  3. Or do you want to rent out your house to get extra income to help fund your travels and consider putting your valuables and belongings into storage?


If you are considering the house sitter or rental options, you might need to look for storage solutions to either store a few valuable pieces of furniture and some personal belongings while you rent the house furnished or have house sitters. Or if you are travelling for a year or two, you might want to considering putting the whole contents of the house into storage and rent out your home unfurnished.


If you need short term or long term self storage in Perth, mobistorage can assist you with a convenient and secure mobile self storage solution that comes to you and makes the process of packing up a bit easier – all at a competitive price.  Mobistorage offers a unique storage solution in that we bring the mobile storage container to you – you pack it and then we collect it and store it on our secure site in Welshpool.




  1. Remember to set-up a mail diversion


There are a few options that you can choose re mail diversion and you may need to implement a few:

  1. Set up your bills to be received electronically via email;
  2. Choose to have your mail redirected to another location if you plan on being there for a period of time;
  3. Have your mail redirected to a family member or friend who will forward on any important items you need to action;
  4. Arrange with Australia Post to hold your mail until you return.


For more information about Australia Post mail diversion options, visit Australia Post




  1. Check your insurance is up-to-date


You need to check that you have sufficient insurance for your trip and that it won’t expire whilst you are away. Make sure that you have checked the following insurances are in place:


  1. Car and caravan insurance for on and off the road as well as the belongings that you take with you;
  2. Contents insurance for your belongings that you leave behind either in your house or self- storage insurance;
  3. Ensure your building insurance for your house will be valid until you return. If you choose to rent out your house, you will need to consider taking out Landlords Insurance to cover you for any damage or loss that might arise from having tenants in your house.




  1. Share your contact information


Make sure your loved ones know how to contact you in an emergency and giving them your itinerary is a good idea to provide some safety and security for you as travellers.  Whilst itineraries often change and with technology you might think it’s easy to stay in contact – many travellers like to get off the beaten track and camp in what can be quite isolated areas – so knowing that someone can raise the alarm if you get into trouble provides peace of mind.




Why should you choose mobistorage for self storage when traveling?


Mobistorage offers a unique self storage solution in Perth.  We are different because we deliver the purpose built storage unit to your house, which enables you to pack it with your furniture and belongings at a time that is convenient to you. Then you can either choose to leave the mobistorage unit on your property or we can store it at our centrally located and secure storage facility in Welshpool. We take all the hassle out of hiring a truck or trailer to transport your furniture and belongings and save you money.

If you are looking for the best storage solution in Perth, then Mobistorage is your answer.  To get a quote simply click here or if you would like more information about mobistorage storage units you can read more about our FAQ here or call us on 1300 914 706.

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