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4 useful tips for packing boxes and furniture for storage.

4 Useful Tips for Packing Boxes and Furniture for Storage 


The key to storing household items and possessions safely in self storage units is to pay attention to how you pack your boxes and prepare your furniture for short or long term storage. Investing a bit of time upfront will ensure that your valuables are safe and sound during their time in storage and when you retrieve them. Here’s four useful tips to consider when you are looking to use self storage containers or units.



  1. Create a Plan Before You Start Packing 


The first step is to create a packing plan by creating a series of lists and sorting through your household items.


  • Make a list of the packing supplies that you will need such as boxes, labels, tape and packing paper and purchase these. Mobistorage have good quality packing boxes available to purchase for $5 as well as professional moving packs for hire for $22 per month that include wrapping blankets and straps to wrap and secure your large items.
  • Start the packing process by working out zones and what items can be grouped together.
  • Group items together of like size – large items, small items and fragile items.
  • Isolate any items that you might need to access whilst in storage and ensure these are packed at the front of the storage unit.
  • Take time to declutter and get rid of things you no longer want or need.
  • Make an inventory list as you pack. Make several copies – pack one with your boxes and keep one in a safe place.
  • Write up labels to add to boxes that cross reference with your inventory list.
  • Clearly label boxes by room or purpose of items, depending on how you have chosen to pack your items.



  1. Tips to Prepare your Furniture and Appliances 


Some of the following tips can easily get overlooked in the packing chaos and they are important to keep the whole process run smoothly.



Whether you are putting your household items into storage for short-term or long term storage, it’s important to prepare them properly to store them safely.


  • Ensure that fridges and freezers are emptied, wiped out and allow time to dry before storing. It is important that the fridge is completely dry before storing otherwise mildew and mould will grow. You can place a small wedge of cardboard to allow for air flow, however you still need to strap the doors shut for safety.
  • Do any last minute washing and then let the washing machine dry by leaving the door or lid open. Place stabilisers if needed in front loader washing machines to protect the barrel. Stabillisers are screws or bolts that prevent the drum from being knocked out of alignment whilst being moved.
  • Create a command centre box by putting all your tv and media remotes, cords and chargers into a box that is clearly labelled and easily retrievable. Tape up the cords and clearly mark what device they belong to.
  • Empty all shelving and draws inside furniture and tape shut any doors or drawers that might move during transport.


  1. Tips on Packing Boxes for Short or Long Term Storage 


Professional packers follow a process when packing boxes which ensures that

belongings are packed safely and minimises damage.


  • Ensure the bottom of the boxes are double taped to add strength to the base. Carefully wrap any breakable items in bubble wrap first then in packing paper.
  • Always pack the heaviest items first in the boxes and work your way up to the lightest items at the top of the boxes.
  • Clearly label boxes and cross reference to the inventory/master list.
  • List what’s in the box for quick reference.


  1. Packing Tips for Self Storage Units 


Pre-planning your storage can save a lot of headaches and make it easier for you if you need to access something at a later stage. The order in which you pack your storage unit can help maximise the space in your storage unit.


  • Create a plan for packing your items into your storage container/unit.
  • Any items that you may need to get to while in storage stack these at the front of the container to make it easy to access.
  • Place heaviest items at the back and on the bottom and the lighter items on top.
  • Pack all the way to the roof and maximise the space you have. You can also use sheets of plywood in-between the layers to make it sturdy and safer to stack boxes.


The most important element to any of the above options is planning and being as organised as possible as this will alleviate the stress of packing to put things into storage. If you are considering using a storage solution in Perth as part of your process, then Mobistorage could be the easy answer that you are looking for.


Why does Mobistorage make self storage easy?


Whether you need short term or long term storage, mobistorage offers a competitively priced and more convenient self storage option than any of our competitors.


Our mobile storage units make the process of putting your household or business items into storage much easier because we come to you – saving you the hassle of hiring a truck or having to transport your goods. We deliver the portable storage container to your home or business and then you can fill it at your leisure – no need to be in a rush to complete it in a couple of hours or a day. Then when you are ready for us to collect it, our truck collects the container and stores it safely at our secure premises in Welshpool.


Another option if you have the space, is that you can keep the secure container onsite for as long as you need. This is perfect if you are renovating and might need to access the container during the process.


Choose from 3 Different Sizes of Mobile Storage Units


Mobistorage mobile storage units offer a more secure, convenient and cost-effective storage solution than using traditional self storage options. Our purpose built units are made from heavy duty steel making them fully secure, weather proof and vermin proof.


At mobistorage we offer 3 different sized mobile units for your needs:

  • Small (17m³) – 2.4m(W) x 3.0m(L) x 2.3m(H)
  • Medium (27.2m³) – 2.4m(W) x 4.9m(L) x 2.3m(H)
  • Large (32.7m³) – 2.4m(W) x 5.9m(L) x 2.3m(H)

Mobistorage is locally owned Australian business

Mobistorage is 100% Australian owned and has been proudly serving the people of Perth since 2014. We are a Western Australian based and operated family business that has been involved in the transport and logistic industry for three generations.

For more information about mobistorage storage units call us today on 1300 914 706  for special rates and availability or get a quick quote here.










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