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Need secure building site storage?

At mobistorage we have a range of mobile self-storage units that are perfect for building site storage. We can deliver anywhere across the Perth metro area and as far north as Jurien Bay or south to Margaret River.

Our mobistorage units are built with heavy-duty steel roofs, doors, base, and frame with light steel wall panels so they’re safe, secure and lightweight. They’re 100% waterproof, fire and rust resistant and pest proof.

Building site storage protects tools and materials from theft, vandalism and weather. Keeping construction sites clear of excess tools and materials, by keeping them out of the way during the day, is necessary for preventing workplace injury.  We’ve put together this short list of the ways you can use building site storage.

1. reduce building site theft


Theft of tools from vans and construction sites in Western Australia costs approximately $50million a year. Using secure building site storage for items that can’t be locked in vans keeps them safe during the day.


Larger pieces of equipment or materials that are difficult to transport, like paint or timber, can be locked away in a mobile self-storage unit during the day or overnight.


For more ideas the WA Police have produced a great tip sheet on preventing building site theft.

2. Keep deliveries to construction sites secure

The WA Police consider things like spas and hot water systems to be high risk items when it comes to construction site theft. If items arrive before they can be installed, keep them safely locked away and out of sight until it’s installation time.

3. remove or Hide appliance packaging


Packaging from expensive items like whitegoods can tell a thief if it’s worth breaking into a house or building. Using a skip bin is okay but packaging is still visible. Use your mobile self-storage unit to store boxes until they can be removed altogether.

4. prevent workplace injuries


Tools, materials or other items left out can be a serious hazard for workers and public, and expensive legal action can result from injury caused on or around worksites. Use building site storage to keep potentially hazardous items, including paint and chemicals, out of the way to prevent incidents.

Mobistorage offers a range of container sizes

We have three different sized containers: small, medium or large. As a rough guide, a small container can fit the contents of a 1-2 bedroom house so it’s perfect if you want to only store items like smaller tools or tins of paint. A medium sized container is suitable for larger items, deliveries as well as tools and equipment. A large container is your best option if you want the flexibility to store large items like doors or window frames as well as your tools and equipment.

Click here to see the dimensions of our small, medium and large containers. 

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links to building and construction information 

Master Builders Association of Western Australia 

Crimestoppers and WA Police

If you need more information or advice on preventing theft visit the WA Police website.

Do you need to anonymously report theft? Visit the Crimestoppers website.


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