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How to take the stress away from moving

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever endure. Whether you are hiring someone to help, or you are taking on the task yourself, by preparing for your moving day early, you will be able to make the transition with relative ease. The essential tips provided below will ensure you have a trouble-free move that could help save you money.

Clear out unwanted belongings and have a sale

Aim to clear out one room a day and manage your belongings into 4 boxes; items to sell, items to trash, items to keep and items to donate.  By organising each of your rooms, one by one, you won’t become overwhelmed when the moving date approaches. And by organising each of your rooms early, you will have extra time to hold a garage sale, or sell your unwanted items on gumtree or ebay.

Clean as you go

The last thing you’ll feel like doing when relocating your belongings into your new home, is to clean your old house.  By cleaning each room as you go,  you’ll save yourself a lot of time and unwanted stress. Once your old house is clean, you’ll have more time to focus on unpacking and designing your new home.

Use perishable goods

Leading up to the move, start using any items that you cannot take with you, such as frozen foods, house hold cleaners and aerosol cans. This will stop you from wasting money when it comes time to move and you have to throw any unused items away. Also, don’t forget to properly dispose of any flammables, corrosives and poisons. You will also need to defrost your refrigerator 24 hours before your moving day.

Begin an inventory

It is easy to misplace items during the moving process. To prevent this from happening, you should create an inventory for each room with information that identifies what each box contains. Make sure you create a key with a corresponding colour for each box, so that you can easily identify the box and know which room the box belongs too. This will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to unpacking.

Collect boxes and moving supplies

Start collecting good sturdy boxes and packing supplies a few months before your moving day. Don’t use boxes from your local supermarket or retail store, as they may not be strong enough to contain heavy items. Using these types of boxes could lead to a dangerous accident, which could have easily been prevented. Instead contact mobistorage and our friendly staff will provide you with a quote for all your moving & packing supply needs.

It is easy to procrastinate when moving but it is essential to organise your home, sooner rather than later, to prevent any unnecessary stress. Contact our friendly team today for more tips and advice on moving house or call us on 1300 914 706 for a quote today.

What to leave behind when you move

It can be difficult to leave your old home as it can feel as though you are leaving behind special memories. This can make parting with personal household belongings very hard. However, it is important to focus on the new beginnings and adventures that you will have in your new home. But, how do you know what to leave behind and what to take with you?


A lot of people spend significant time and energy on their garden, creating an outdoor oasis that they are proud of. This can make parting with favourite plants quite difficult. However, the transition between homes can put a lot of strain on plants and trees, which could cause them to die. Instead of spending time and money attempting to relocate your plants or trees safely, why not focus on starting fresh on your new garden – leaving your old garden, for the new home owners to appreciate and enjoy.

Bird Houses

Moving a bird house can be simple, however you need to consider the birds that have grown familiar to their surroundings, and the food and shelter the bird house provides. Why not leave it where it is and instead, create a new bird house at your new home.


Fixtures are generally not taken when you move as they are a part of the character of the house. If you decide to take an expensive fixture that you cherish, such as a chandelier or water feature, remember to replace them with a generic fixture so that the new home owners are not missing an essential part of the house. It is important to notify future home owners or renters of your intentions on fixtures and fittings so that no ill feeling occurs.

Things you no longer need

Moving house is a great time to get rid of any unwanted belongings that you have accumulated over time. These belongings will create more work for you when packing and unpacking, as well as creating unnecessary clutter for your new home. Consider holding a garage sale or donating the items to charity. Your junk could be someone else’s treasure.

If you are unsure of what to leave and what not to leave behind, call our friendly team on 1300 914 706 for advice or a quote on any of your moving needs.

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