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Is Mobistorage Right For Me?

If you are looking for a secure, reliable, cost-effective and convenient way to store your items then look no further than Mobistorage; the provider of innovative self-storage solutions.

We provide options to suit a wide range of needs. Our services cater for situations such as residential storage, moving house, office relocation and retail storage, as well as solutions for those in the construction industry, making it the perfect option for both work and home.

Residential Storage

If you are having difficulty shutting your cupboards and are unable to see the floor of your garage, then it might be time to consider enlisting the services of Mobistorage. We have a secure facility in Perth where you are able to keep your belongings safe and sound, and more importantly out-of-sight until the time that you need them again.


Moving house can be a daunting prospect; made even more so if you face the situation of leaving your existing home before being able to move into your new property. The challenge then becomes, where do you keep the contents of your home during the transition period? At Mobistorage you can pack one of our containers, which we then pick up and store at our secure premises, ready to be delivered on any date that you wish – right in time for you to move into your new home.

Office Storage

An untidy office is not only an issue of productivity, but can also present an occupational health and safety risk. Ensure that your employees are working in the best possible environment by collecting up some of the unnecessary items around the office and storing them with Mobistorage. Our dry, secure and well ventilated containers make a fantastic option for keeping documents that are important to your business though not needed on a day to day basis.

Retail Storage

With retail space attracting such high premiums these days, it doesn’t make sense to waste valuable floor space on storing items in your shop that are not necessary to the financial success of your business. In particular, promotional items for seasonal events, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, can be kept off site in favour of having greater stock numbers on hand.

Construction Storage

At Mobistorage we understand that the needs of the construction industry in terms of storage is very specific. Units need to be able to withstand large amounts of wear and tear, whilst also being light-weight and easy to transport. At Mobistorage our specially designed construction units meet these needs. Each unit is made with steel bases, roofs and frames whilst having lightweight walls, making it the perfect on-site storage option.

At Mobistorage we have the ultimate storage option to suit just about any need. To book a container or for more information please contact us on 0413 390 390 or request a quote here.


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