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Mobistorage Compared to Traditional Self-storage

With many self-storage facilities on the market these days what differentiates Mobistorage from the rest of the crowd?


As our name suggests we provide a completely mobile self-storage solution. A traditional self-storage facility could see you travelling long distances back and forth to both pack and access your storage unit. Mobistorage delivers the unit straight to your front door which you are then able to pack at your own pace and at a time that suits you best. Once you have finished packing your unit, let our friendly team know, and we will collect it, to be kept at our secure storage facility in Perth. Or alternatively you can keep the unit on your property if you’d prefer to access the unit whenever you like.

No Double Handling

Traditional self-storage involves a lot of manpower and time, especially when you cannot move your belongings from your old house to your new home on the same day. With traditional self-storage, people must pack their belongings at their house, unpack them at the storage unit, then repack them again when they return to collect them before moving into their new home. Mobistorage eliminates this double handling, as once your container is packed, it is then collected by our team and held at our facility, waiting to be delivered according to your specified time and location. With Mobistorage you only have to pack and unpack once, saving you time, effort and unnecessary stress.

Size Options

At Mobistorage we understand that not everyone is the same, or has the same requirements for storing goods. Whereas many self-storage facilities are a labyrinth of identical units, Mobistorage provide three convenient sizes, ensuring that you do not pay for space that you don’t need. We supply containers in the following sizing options – 10ft (1 bedroom house), 15ft (2 bedroom house) and 19ft (3 bedroom house).

If you are looking to book self-storage space or want some more information about the fantastic storage options that Mobistorage offers, please get in contact with us on 0413 390 390 or request a quote here.


1 bedroom house.

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1-2 bedroom house.

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2-3 bedroom house.

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