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Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

Don’t forget the packing supplies

At mobistorage, we have all the moving boxes and packing supplies you’ll need to make your move a stress free experience.

Moving Boxes

We have the strongest packing boxes in Perth. They are a tea chest size (60cm x 40cm x 40cm) and are available to purchase for $5.50 each. The packing boxes will help protect your valuable goods once they are packed into your storage container. They will also help ensure that you’re mobistorage container is stacked in the most efficient way possible, utilising the entire space of the storage unit.


Each mobistorage container comes with a disc lock made from heavy duty stainless steel. Locking your mobistorage container will ensure the safety of your belongings inside.



1 bedroom house.

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1-2 bedroom house.

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2-3 bedroom house.

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