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Using Mobistorage Compared To Shipping Containers

Our customers are always asking us how our Mobistorage containers are different from traditional shipping containers or sea containers.


Firstly, our Mobistorage containers are made from a heavy duty lightweight steel and the roof and walls are made out of a powder coated, flat, lightweight steel. This not only makes them incredibly durable but also easily transportable as the total weight is nearly half that of a standard 20ft sea container.

Easily transportable

What does this mean for the customer? Well for one, the transport costs are significantly reduced because of the vehicle that is required to deliver the container. A normal shipping container will require a large truck with a swing lift or hiab, which can be very expensive to utilise. Our Mobistorage units are much lighter making our transport system much simpler, which means we can pass the savings onto you – the customer!

Air flow

Our Mobistorage containers have a laminate bamboo wood flooring which means that the unit can breathe, with significant air flowing through the container. A sea container will often be completely made from steel and can often get damp inside, with little to no air flow. This can lead to furniture and other goods becoming moldy, worn and depleted. But fear not, with a Mobistorage container you can rest assured that your goods and belongings will stay in their original condition.

3 convenient sizes

Sea containers come in only two sizes – 20ft & 40ft. Our Mobistorage containers come in three more convenient sizes, that suit the average home – 10ft (1 bedroom house), 15ft (2 bedroom house) and 19ft (3 bedroom house).

Visually pleasing

If you are wanting onsite storage at your business or home, then visually a sea container or shipping container can be quite an ugly sight. Sea containers are often very worn, dented and old and have been exposed to the elements for a number of years. They often come in unappealing colors such as grey, blue, red & green. Our Mobistorage units are brand new, white in colour and are aesthetically pleasing on the eye.


1 bedroom house.

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1-2 bedroom house.

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2-3 bedroom house.

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