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Using Mobistorage Compared To Storage Units

With a multitude of storage facilities available, it can be hard to know what the right storage solutionĀ is for you, particularly when it comes to providing the most secure and safest option for storing your possessions. At Mobistorage we provide our customers with high-quality mobile self-storage containers, which can then be stored at our secure facility, until such time as you are ready to have them delivered to an alternative location.


When looking at storage units one often overlooked aspect to consider is the ventilation of the units. Many storage units are constructed using heavy steel and possess little to no air flow. This can lead to moisture damage or mildew growth which can have a horrendous impact on wooden furniture. If you have metal items there is also the potential for them to rust Our storage containers are constructed using laminate bamboo flooring, allowing good ventilation and air flow within the unit, ensuring that your items remain in the same condition as when you left them.

Cost Effective

At Mobistorage we also pride ourselves on providing a method of self-storage that is more cost-effective than your typical storage unit. Many of the units around Perth are created with a cookie-cutter one-size fits all approach, meaning that in many cases you are paying for space that you are not utilising. At Mobistorage we supply three different sized containers, suitable for one, two and three bedroom homes, that will suit any household.


Mobistorage is also more convenient than other storage options. Why bother with the hassle of making trips back and forth to far-flung industrial areas to pack and access a storage unit, when you can have the unit delivered right to your front door? Our storage containers are delivered to your doorstep and can be packed at a time that suits you best. When you are ready to have the unit collected all you need to do is give us a ring and our friendly team will come and take the container to your next location or keep it at our secure storage facility until you are ready to move the contents to another location.

If you require more information about the benefits of using Mobistorage the next time you require storage services, please contact us on 0413 390 390 or request a quote here.


1 bedroom house.

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1-2 bedroom house.

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2-3 bedroom house.

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