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Posted on July 25th, 2017 by

Moving Overseas Self Storage Made Simple









Are you about to embark on a work assignment overseas for a short or long time, moving overseas for a temporary period or going on an extended holiday? There are many things big and small to consider and one of the biggest ones is what do you do with your belongings?


One option is to completely relocate everything with you, this may not be cost effective particularly if you plan to come back. This is where mobistorage makes moving overseas self storage simple. Self-storage either short or long term can be an excellent solution here are several options avalaible for you to consider:


Storing furniture at a friend’s or family member’s house

This could be a cost effective option especially if you are going overseas for an extended holiday and your budget is tight. Although you will need to consider packing and transporting your furniture and belongings. A few things to consider with this option are:

  • Will the location be dry and not exposed to damp?
  • Will it be a vermin free?
  • You will need to arrange insurance to protect your furniture and belongings.



Onsite self-storage units

If you have the space at your house and plan on renting it out this could be a great option.  We at mobistorage can assist you with this, we have three different sized self-storage containers that we can deliver and then you can take you time to pack up and store your furniture and belongings. Our containers are designed with special bamboo flooring and are vermin free. This container can then simply stay onsite or if you prefer we can collect the container and securely store it for you. No need for you to arrange transportation which is a perfect solution for both short term and long term self-storage.


Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is another option. Mobistorage can assist you here with our mobile self-storage containers as we deliver it to your home and you get to pack it or we can assist in getting removalists to pack it for you. We have three different sized options to suit your needs. Once its packed we then pick it up and store it securely for you until you are ready.

There are also traditional self-storage units that are also secure for short or long term storage. These are safe and secure and they will have different sized options to suit your needs. You will need to organize a truck or a trailer to get all of your belongings to the self-storage unit and back again.



Mobistorage – we have three different size options for self storage 

Or you can contact us at mobistorage and we can take all the hassle out of hiring a truck or trailer to transport your possessions.

  • Small (17m³) – 2.4m(W) x 3.0m(L) x 2.3m(H)
  • Medium (27.2m³) – 2.4m(W) x 4.9m(L) x 2.3m(H)
  • Large (32.7m³) – 2.4m(W) x 5.9m(L) x 2.3m(H)

These are delivered to your front door for you to pack and you have choice to leave it onsite or we can store it for you and deliver it back once you are ready.

The most important element to any of the above options is planning and being as organised as possible this really elevates the stress of any renovation whether it be big or small.

If you are looking for the best storage solution in Perth, then Mobistorage is your answer. If you would like more information about mobistorage storage units call us on 1300 914 706  for special rates and availability today or if you would like to request a quote, simply send us your details via our online booking form.


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